The Ultra-Thin Cement Based Floor Screed

Cemfloor Level Plus is the ultra-thin edition of the core Cemfloor range. This cement-based mixture of Cemfloor binder, cement, water and sand maintains the high-performance found in the wider range, whilst being uniquely designed for thin section screeds of 12-50mm in depth.


Achieve Reduced Screed Depths With Cemfloor Level Plus

Cemfloor Level Plus has been specifically designed for specifiers looking for a thin section screed. Bridging the gap between bagged SLU materials and standard screeds, Level Plus is able to deliver shallower screed depths than traditional screeds, of up to 12-50mm in depth.

Appropriate Applications


Domestic Usage

Commercial Usage

Commercial Usage


Faster Curing Times


Exceptionally thin screed


Ultimate Control Over Your Screed Application

Designed with ease of installation in mind, Cemfloor Level Plus has been manufactured with self-leveling and self-compacting properties to speed up the installation process. It can also be installed at much thinner depths compared to other traditional screeds (12mm minimum depth, compared to traditional screeds which reach 75mm) and also has minimal drying shrinkage so you can maintain precise control during installation.


Compatibility Is Assured With Cemfloor’s Floor Screed

Cemfloor Level Plus screed will seamlessly fit into your project, as it is compatible with all floor coverings, and all cementitious adhesives including fast-track systems. Produced in an ISO 9001 quality-controlled environment and approved to EN 13813:2022 standards, choosing the most reliable floor screed for your future projects has never been easier.

What Others Are Saying About Our Liquid Floor Screed

'The Cemfloor Team are firm believers in providing training and support for all their installers and knowing that we can follow up with them if we have a technical question, or just to discuss a client’s ideas, has been a vital resource for us.'

Screeder: Damon Eastwood, Cemfloor

'It’s clear from speaking and working with the Cemfloor Team, that they are passionate about their product. They know what they are talking about. They are constantly working to maintain the consistency of Cemfloor, but also to focus on further Research and Development to ensure they remain the industry leaders for Cement based Liquid Screeds.'

Distributor: John Laird J & A Laird

'We recently had Cemfloor installed and it’s mighty, a great job. We were able to walk on the floors after a couple of days and they were completely level and even throughout. There was no cracking, no issues at all, it looks great. The screeder’s really knew what they were doing and the tiler was able to start today!'

'Since becoming Approved Cemfloor Installers, we have built up a strong relationship with Cemfloor. The reliability and consistency of the product has meant that we can complete our jobs quickly and more efficiently but without compromising on quality.'

Drew Cowie - East West Flooring

'Kwik Floor Screed have been working with Cemfloor by McGraths since it became available commercially in Ireland. Because the team have spent 15 years developing and testing the technology, we have full confidence in the quality and robustness of the product and have no hesitation in recommending it to our customers.'

Screeder: Tony Kilbane, Kwik Floor Screed

Trained and approved applicators across the UK and Ireland

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Trained and approved applicators across the UK and Ireland


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