Cemfloor is the liquid screed of choice for architects and contractors looking for a high-performance, low-maintenance cement based liquid screed product. With 24-hour tech support, ongoing training and full support offered to all of our channel partners and applicators, Cemfloor is the easiest way to screed your commercial or domestic flooring.


Want to find out more about Cemfloor? What are the drying times? What surface preparation is required? When can you walk on screed? The answers to these and more can be found below.

I have installed Cemfloor screed over underfloor heating. When can I turn on the heating?

Underfloor floor heating can be turned on at a low temperature 7-days after Cemfloor screed has been installed. The heating should be heated up slowly in accordance with our guidance documents.

What moisture content does Cemfloor screed have to dry to before I can install flooring?

For moisture sensitive flooring, Cemfloor screed must be dried to a moisture content of 2.5%CM or a relative humidity of 75%.

What surface preparation is required before installing flooring onto Cemfloor screed?

Unlike other liquid screeds, Cemfloor screed does not require sanding to remove surface laitance. It is however recommended that the surface of the screed be lightly abraded to clean and remove any building residue to ensure that there is a good key to receive subsequent floor coverings. Some types of flooring products such as surface DPM’s, self-smoothing/levelling compounds, resin flooring, microcrete etc. may require the screed surface to be further mechanically prepared to provide a textured surface to enable adequate absorption and increased adhesion between both surfaces. For further information see our Floor Covering Preparation Guidelines document

How long before I can walk on Cemfloor screed after it has been poured?

Cemfloor screed will be suitable for foot traffic after 24 – 48 hours.

What is the minimum depth that Cemfloor screed can be installed at?

The minimum depth of Cemfloor for each screed type is:Bonded Screed = 20mm
Unbonded Screed = 30mm
Floating Screed: Domestic Application – 35mm
Floating Screed:Commercial Application – 40mm
Floating Screed over underfloor heating – 40mm

Do I need to prime/seal the surface of Cemfloor screed before I install flooring?

Depending on the floor covering being installed and on the manufacturer’s instructions; the surface of Cemfloor screed may need to be primed before the adhesive is applied to avoid the adhesive drying out to fast. Since Cemfloor is a cement based screed there is no risk of any contamination taking place between the screed and the adhesive and therefore no sealers are required.

Can Cemfloor be polished?

We don’t advise that Cemfloor is polished or used as a final floor finish. We recommend that a final floor covering is used on top of the screed.
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