Industry Leading Liquid Floor Screed

Cemfloor is the fast-drying liquid floor screed that architects and specifiers can rely on, time and time again. Made and tested in-house, Cemfloor has been rigorously assessed to ensure compatibility with all floor coverings, without the need for additional chemical treatments. With 24-hour tech support, ongoing training, and support offered to all our channel partners and applicators, Cemfloor is the liquid screed that works for you, not against you.

Discover The Cemfloor Range


Cemfloor Therm

Perfect For Underfloor Heating

Exceptional Thermal Conductivity

Minimal Drying Shrinkage (<0.05%)




Cemfloor NH

Easy Installation (Free-Flowing)

Foot Traffic After 24-48 Hours

Minimal Drying Shrinkage (<0.05%)




Cemfloor HPC


Create Stronger & More Durable Floor Slabs

Increased Bay Sizes Than Conventional Concrete


Improved Flexural Strength


Cemfloor Complete

Specially Formulated & Ready To Use

Easy Installation


High-Performance (13813:2002 Compliant)

Available In 25kg & 1000kg Bags


Cemfloor Level Plus

Thinner Depths Than Standard Liquid Screeds

Designed For Depths Of 12-50mm

Foot Traffic After 24-48 Hours


Minimal Drying Shrinkage (<0.4mm/m)               



Delivered From A Computerised Automatic Mobile Mixing Truck

Foot Traffic After 24-48 Hours


Exceptional Thermal Conductivity

Easy Installation

Kensington House 1.1-2

Cemfloor FSC

Our new Cemfloor FSC (Floor Smoothing Compounds) product range.

Can be delivered to site by our state-of-the-art mobile mixing unit.

Enhanced health and Safety benefits

No Wastage

Easy installation – can pump up to 9ton per hour
Consistent quality

Domestic Floor Screeding

When it comes to domestic projects, ease of installation is essential. Cemfloor provides the domestic floor market with a liquid screed that is fast to install whilst requiring no special adhesives or floor finishes. With quick drying times, you can remove unnecessary downtime from your project timeline and continue with the work that matters.


Commercial Floor Screeding

BBA approved, Cemfloor is chosen by architects and specifiers for its quality and reliability in any commercial project. With project timelines, a continual concern in the commercial market, fast installation and 24-hour turnaround on foot traffic ensures minimal delays. Deployed in a range of high-profile projects including Royal Wharf, Battersea in London, and Capital Docks in Dublin, Cemfloor is the liquid screed fit for any project.

What Others Are Saying About Our Liquid Floor Screed

'The Cemfloor Team are firm believers in providing training and support for all their installers and knowing that we can follow up with them if we have a technical question, or just to discuss a client’s ideas, has been a vital resource for us.'

Screeder: Damon Eastwood, Cemfloor

'It’s clear from speaking and working with the Cemfloor Team, that they are passionate about their product. They know what they are talking about. They are constantly working to maintain the consistency of Cemfloor, but also to focus on further Research and Development to ensure they remain the industry leaders for Cement based Liquid Screeds.'

Distributor: John Laird J & A Laird

'We recently had Cemfloor installed and it’s mighty, a great job. We were able to walk on the floors after a couple of days and they were completely level and even throughout. There was no cracking, no issues at all, it looks great. The screeder’s really knew what they were doing and the tiler was able to start today!'

'Since becoming Approved Cemfloor Installers, we have built up a strong relationship with Cemfloor. The reliability and consistency of the product has meant that we can complete our jobs quickly and more efficiently but without compromising on quality.'

Drew Cowie - East West Flooring

'Kwik Floor Screed have been working with Cemfloor by McGraths since it became available commercially in Ireland. Because the team have spent 15 years developing and testing the technology, we have full confidence in the quality and robustness of the product and have no hesitation in recommending it to our customers.'

Screeder: Tony Kilbane, Kwik Floor Screed


Trained and approved applicators across the UK and Ireland

years proven success
in Europe


Trained and approved applicators across the UK and Ireland

RIBA Approved CPD – Guide to Different Types of Screed

In this RIBA-approved session, we examine the different types of screed used in the construction industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of each type of screed
  • Methods of installation
  • The drying process
  • Factors effecting drying time

By the end of the CPD, you should have a greater understanding of:

  • Different screeds available on the market
  • Benefits of various screeds
  • The drying process
  • Overcoming problems on site

Get access in person or remotely

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