Domestic Floor Screeding


The ideal properties of a domestic floor screeding is a solution that is easy and fast to install, saving you valuable time on site. A product that is based on Cement and therefore has none of the concerns inherent with other flowing screeds, will require no special measures before applying the adhesives or floor finishes. So you can get the job done quicker without having to wait around for the screed to dry.


The flowing properties of Cemfloor’s domestic floor screeding make it the ideal solution for the domestic floor market. It is simple to use alongside various floor coverings and has a high thermal performance when combined with under floor heating. And as an added bonus, a Cemfloor domestic screed would only need to be a minimum 35mm thickness for domestic application. This is what makes it a relatively quick drying screed when compared to other flowing or “ordinary” screed materials. Read one of our Cemfloor Domestic Case Studies now.

Cemfloor Offers A Number Of Benefits For The Domestic User Over Alternative Liquid Screeds:

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Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds
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Minimal Drying Shrinkage
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Larger floor area without joints (up to 150m2)
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Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours
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Exceptional Thermal Conductivity
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Can be applied in wet areas
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Reduced drying times. (Depending on drying conditions and floor coverings)
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Self-compacting – no voids around under floor heating pipes.
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No risk of contamination at concrete mixing plants
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No Surface Latiance (Dust) after curing

Ways of Implementing
Underfloor Heating with Cemfloor Screed

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Cemfloor Liquid Floor Screed Products


Cemfloor Therm

Designed for underfoor heating pipework.


Cemfloor NH

A quick, high-performance product for non-heated floors.


Cemfloor HPC

For stronger, more durable floor slabs.


Cemfloor Complete

The versatile, ready to use self-levelling screed.


Cemfloor Level Plus

Thin section screed helps bridge the gap between bagged SLC materials and standard screeds.



A CE Approved Cemfloor screed delivered from a computerised automatic mobile mixing truck.

Resources For You

Download Centre

Download Centre

From datasheets to video content, here you can find all our product information in simple, downloadable formats. Whether you’re an architect, channel partner, or applicator, we’ve ensured all the information you’ll need is in one easy-to-find space. Saving it for later? Why not take it with you, at home, on-site, or even on the train if you’d like.

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It’s never been more important to reduce your site’s emissions and greenhouse gases. Cemfloor offers CO2 reduction of up to 65%, compared to traditional screeds. We care about the wider impact of our work, that’s why we comply with legal obligations are certified to ISO 14001 standards. Find out more about our sustainability credentials here.

What Others Are Saying About Our Liquid Floor Screed

'The Cemfloor Team are firm believers in providing training and support for all their installers and knowing that we can follow up with them if we have a technical question, or just to discuss a client’s ideas, has been a vital resource for us.'

Screeder: Damon Eastwood, Cemfloor

'It’s clear from speaking and working with the Cemfloor Team, that they are passionate about their product. They know what they are talking about. They are constantly working to maintain the consistency of Cemfloor, but also to focus on further Research and Development to ensure they remain the industry leaders for Cement based Liquid Screeds.'

Distributor: John Laird J & A Laird

'We recently had Cemfloor installed and it’s mighty, a great job. We were able to walk on the floors after a couple of days and they were completely level and even throughout. There was no cracking, no issues at all, it looks great. The screeder’s really knew what they were doing and the tiler was able to start today!'

'Since becoming Approved Cemfloor Installers, we have built up a strong relationship with Cemfloor. The reliability and consistency of the product has meant that we can complete our jobs quickly and more efficiently but without compromising on quality.'

Drew Cowie - East West Flooring

'Kwik Floor Screed have been working with Cemfloor by McGraths since it became available commercially in Ireland. Because the team have spent 15 years developing and testing the technology, we have full confidence in the quality and robustness of the product and have no hesitation in recommending it to our customers.'

Screeder: Tony Kilbane, Kwik Floor Screed

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