Cemfloor Case Study – Addenbrookes Hospital Surge Centre

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Addenbrookes Hospital
Surge Centre

2000m² Of Cemfloor


A temporary surge facility on the site of Addenbrookes Hospital to relieve pressure on the main hospital as part of the NHS’ regional surge plan

Floor Screeding Solutions installed 2,000m2 of Cemfloor, the chosen screed for the project, which was supplied by Mick George Concrete, Cambridge
With the rising case numbers of Corona virus during the pandemic, hospitals were coming under increasing pressure for more critical care beds, and Surge Plans were put in place across the country to help alleviate this pressure.

Addenbrooke Hospital in Cambridge sought to construct a ‘Surge Centre’ to cope with the additional demands on the hospital, and Cemfloor was chosen for the project due to its faster installation time and drying time compared to traditional sand and cement screeds. This helped to keep the project on track with its tight building schedule.

Lewis Deck construction offered a strong light weight flooring option for the large pour area. As Cemfloor is a flowing screed, 500m2 of screed per day was poured over this by Dave Washbrook and his team from Floor Screeding Solutions, eliminating the need for on-site mixing.

The main advantage Cemfloor has over other flowing screeds is the quicker drying times, and that it can accept foot traffic after 24 / 48 hours, meaning that construction could continue quickly and efficiently to meet the project deadline.


cemfloor-case-study-addenbrooke-final-2.pdf (3 downloads)
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