Commercial Floor Screeding

Commercial Floor Screeding

Cemfloor floor screeding by McGraths has become the first cement based liquid screed to be awarded BBA Certification in the UK & Ireland.

BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. Since its launch in 1966, the BBA has been providing independent, expert product approval and certification for manufacturers, so that they can be confident that their products and systems will be selected by architects, designers and specifiers who need to know that their chosen items are safe and fit-for-purpose.

The commercial floor screeding market requires hardwearing and durable floors due to high traffic volumes, easy and fast to install, strength and cost effective. Cemfloor has been used in many high-profile projects including Royal Wharf, Battersea in London and Capital Docks in Dublin.

Cemfloor Screed is an ideal solution for commercial projects and is produced in accordance with BS EN 13813:2002 screed material and floor screeds. The installation time of Cemfloor screed is much less than that of traditional sand and cement screeds; therefore, the building time of the project is greatly reduced. Cemfloor can also be foot trafficked after 24 hours allowing other trades to continue working on the project after the screed has been installed. Thanks to Cemfloor’s self-levelling properties, smooth, level floors are easily achieved which simplifies the installation of the final floor coverings. As Cemfloor is a cement-based screed; there is less risk of chemical reactions taking place with other products such as tile adhesives and other cement based final floor surfaces.

Cemfloor is also ideally suited for use with underfloor heating as a result of its high thermal conductivity and reduced screed depths; this leads to a much more energy efficient and responsive heating system. Cemfloor commercial scrreding  is produced in ISO 9001, BSI & Kitemark certified batching plants and is delivered to site ready for use; this ensures that the product is consistent from batch to batch and eliminates any errors that can occur when products are mixed on-site in uncontrolled conditions. Read one of our Cemfloor commercial case studies now.

Cemfloors industrial floor screed can be tailored to various industries such as manufacturing, medical, hospitality, retail, warehousing etc.

construction workers discussing commercial floor screeding

Cemfloor offers a number of benefits for commercial flooring

  • Thinner sections compared to traditional screeds
  • Minimal Drying Shrinkage
  • Larger floor area without joints (up to 150m2)
  • Foot traffic after 24 –48 hours
  • Exceptional Thermal Conductivity
  • Can be applied in wet areas
  • Reduced drying times. (Depending on drying conditions and floor coverings)
  • Self-compacting – no voids around under floor heating pipes.
  • No risk of contamination at concrete mixing plants
  • No Surface Latiance (Dust) after curing
  • Easy Installation (Reduces time & costs)
  • Complies with EN 13813
  • Suitable for a range of floor coverings; tiling, hardwood floors, laminates etc
  • Ideal for underfloor heating
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Cemfloor floating screed explainer graphic
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In conjunction with our Cemfloor distributors, Cemfloor has highly qualified and trained commercial floor screeders across the UK and Ireland.

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Traditional sand and cement screed is still substantially the most commonly specified and used type of screed in the UK. Its primary benefits are availability, relative simplicity and low cost. There are admixtures available that can improve specific aspects of the performance of this type of screed (usually drying time and strength) and the use of improved cements can achieve the same.

Flowing screeds based on calcium sulphate have been available in the UK for over 25 years but despite many obvious advantages over traditional screed have only gained a relatively small market share. The primary benefits of Cemfloors commercial floor screeding products are controlled quality, higher performance, speed and ease of application.

Cemfloor is similar in application to other flowing screeds but is based on cement rather than Gypsum. Very new to the UK, it is already generating enormous interest and sales are growing rapidly. The primary benefits of our commercial floor screeding are similar to other flowing screeds but with quicker drying, there is no need for special preparations before applying floor finishes and no risk of incompatibility with the range of cement based adhesives and levellers.