Why Choose A Liquid Floor Screed?

Liquid screed is just one of the types of screed available to architects and property developers today. Whilst dry floor screed has been very popular historically, the market is shifting due to the huge benefits liquid floor screed has to offer.

Project timelines are one of the biggest factors determining the success of a project. Being able to minimise downtime on site and speed up work efficiency is paramount. Liquid screeds’ biggest benefit for some is its quick-drying features, meaning you and your team can get back in action sooner.

In reality, there are many more reasons you should choose a liquid floor screed for your project so let’s take a look at some of these more in-depth.

Liquid Screed Is Quick To Install

Due to the way liquid screed is applied, the installation time is incredibly quick – especially when compared to a sand and cement mix. On average, workers find that they can install liquid screed up to 10x quicker than traditional alternatives.

The nature of liquid floor screed also means that a shallower coating is required, this helps to speed up the drying times even further.

Famously, the labour required for more traditional screeds can be quite intensive during the installation process. However, the self-levelling properties of liquid screed mean that there is far less follow-up work required after a floor screed installation.

Liquid Floor Screed Is Fast Drying

Perhaps the most commonly sought-after property of floor screed is the quicker drying times it offers labourers and architects. The fast-drying feature and the added ability to force dry the liquid screed, make it very beneficial for new-build projects where there are many tradesmen on site.

Liquid floor screed installation can be easily planned out to minimise the disruption to work on-site, as it can usually be foot trafficked within 48-72 hours. Cemfloor’s liquid screed goes one step further and offers drying times of 24 hours, Improving program time even further.

Importantly, non-moisture floor finishes can also be applied a lot sooner with a liquid screed, usually within 14 days of installation.

Smoother Finishes With Liquid Floor Screed

The free-flowing properties of liquid floor screed can reduce the hassle of smoothing the floor surface during installation. The self-levelling flowability of liquid screed provides a perfectly smooth and evenly covered surface ready for the floor covering you choose to lay over it.

The structural strength of liquid floor screed can also be exceptional when compared to sand and cement alternatives. With the right additives, such as those used in Cemfloor, liquid floor screed can be made resistant to curling and cracking – a common issue in screed installations.

Anti-crack and anti-shrink properties help to make liquid floor screed low-maintenance, reducing labour costs and installation times.

Perfecting Underfloor Heating With Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid floor screed is far more compatible with underfloor heating systems than their dry counterparts. Vast industrial or commercial projects often deploy liquid screed due to the wide array of UFH systems involved.

The self-compacting properties of a liquid screed, such as Cemfloor Therm, ensure the heating system’s pipes are completely encapsulated. The absence of any air pockets around the pipes ensures maximum thermal conduction from the pipes to the screed’s surface. Further benefits derive from the reduced thickness so that there is less screed to heat up and less screed for the heat to be transmitted through.

Liquid screeds are also highly recommended due to the reduced depths at which they can be installed. It’s very important to ensure reduced screed thickness, as this will allow for better thermal performance and improve the way the UFH distributes heat.


As you can see, the list of benefits liquid screed offers is quite extensive. The popularity of liquid floor screed is growing year-on-year due to its compatibility with underfloor heating and its quicker drying and installation times.

If you choose to look for a liquid floor screed in your next building project, Cemfloor offer a wide range of liquid floor screeds, designed with every project in mind. From our underfloor heating range, to our ultra-thin range, you can always find the right product for your project’s bespoke needs.

If you have any questions about applying floor screed over underfloor heating systems, speak to one of our experts today.

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