The Top 3 Reasons To Become A Certified Liquid Screed Installer

In recent years, the construction industry has been transitioning from traditional screeds to liquid floor screeds. This shift is driven by the numerous advantages that come with using liquid screeds compared to more traditional methods. Within this new range of free-flowing screeds, certain products offer all the benefits of liquid screeds while also addressing the associated challenges.

One notable example is innovative cement-based liquid screeds, which are gaining a reputation among installers for their user-friendly nature and ability to deliver high-quality finishes. However, to ensure proper installation of cement-based liquid screeds, installers need to familiarise themselves with manufacturer guidelines and optimise the potential of this alternative.

Let's explore the three key reasons for becoming a certified screed installer for cement-based liquid screeds and discuss the benefits these products offer to both you as an installer and the end-user.


Reduced Installation Times For Screed Installers

Your time, as a contractor, is a valuable resource. The more time you have available, the more work you can accomplish, leading to a better work-life balance. It's not surprising then that UK screed installers are increasingly opting for cement-based liquid screeds to benefit from their time-saving advantages.

Compared to other screeds on the market, cement-based liquid screeds can be installed very quickly. In fact, they can be installed 10 times faster than traditional screeds, with the capability of covering up to 2,000m2 per day.

Whilst these liquid screed products can cost more upfront, the time saved can actually make them more profitable for businesses than dry screeds, as more works can be completed in the same timeframe. This has caused many architects and contractors to specify liquid screeds for commercial projects, in an effort to claw back the upfront costs through time saved.

This accelerated installation process enables projects to be completed much faster, which is particularly crucial for multi-floor or multi-building projects. The floors can then be finished and trafficked much sooner, both by you and the other contractors working throughout the building.

By becoming a certified installer, you can fully leverage the potential of these innovative products, delivering quicker project turnarounds without compromising on quality.


Reduced Labour For Certified Screed Installers

Using cement-based liquid screeds offers significant benefits to screed installers, as they require much less labour-intensive work. This has a profound and positive impact on your long-term productivity, health, and well-being. Cement-based screeds are designed to naturally minimise drying shrinkage, thereby reducing the risk of curling.

As a result, less labour is needed to counteract the potential damage caused by shrinkage in the screed. This eliminates the need for additional joint meshes or the use of brick ties. Furthermore, the free-flowing nature of cement-based liquid screeds enables self-levelling, eliminating the requirement for manual levelling.

In most cases, only gentle dappling is needed. For certified liquid screed installers, this means the product is generally easier to apply, reducing the time spent on your hands and knees and minimising strain on your body.

Reduced Drying Times With Cement-Based Liquid Screeds

One of the highly sought-after benefits of cement-based liquid screeds is their significantly reduced drying times. Typically, cement-based liquid screeds dry three times faster than traditional anhydrite screeds.

This means that for installers working in larger buildings, the surface can be ready for foot traffic after 24 hours. As a result, work can resume much sooner, minimising downtime for both you as the installer and the wider team of contractors involved in the project.

By becoming certified in cement-based liquid screed installation, you can learn the best practices for achieving fast drying times and explore natural and external drying methods for the floor screed.


Becoming A Certified Liquid Screed Installer

When you become a certified liquid screed installer for cement-based screeds, the knowledge you gain can assist you in meeting the increasing market demand and establishing yourself as a trusted professional in the industry.

Accredited programs can support you in expanding your skills and refining your expertise across a wide range of screeding products, showcasing to specifiers and end-users your proven abilities in delivering a high-quality service.


Become A Certified Liquid Screed Installer Today

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