Capital Docks

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    Capital Docks
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    C20 Therm

Initial Brief

Capital Dock, a 22-storey mixed use development, including office blocks and residential areas, is in the vibrant Dublin Docklands and was developed by Kennedy Wilson.

Capital Docks

John Sisk & Son were the main contractors, and Clarke Contracts installed 25,000m² of Cemfloor, the chosen screed for the project.


a tower block using a Quick drying screedThe main advantage Cemfloor has over the flowing screeds is the quicker drying time. It also eliminates any risk of incompatibility with cement-based adhesives and levellers and no special preparations are needed before hand. After looking at their options, Cemfloor was chosen for the project due to its faster installation time and drying time compared to traditional sand and cement screeds. This helped to keep the project on track with its tight building schedule.

Due to its flowing nature, Cemfloor was pumped and placed 20 stories high without issue. The limited space available on site was also a factor to be considered and was resolved by using Cemfloor. It was delivered to the site ready mixed which eliminated the need of on-site mixing and storage of sand and cement on site.



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