Cemfloor Installation

The team here at Cemfloor have over 15 years experience in the liquid screed industry and in that time have overseen numerous pours of Cemfloor liquid screed in both small and large, domestic and commercial projects. The Cemfloor team, along with our wider network of certified distributors and screeders follow the same step by step process to ensure a consistent and reliable approach, where-ever the project takes place.

Step by Step Guide for Cemfloor Application

Step 1

Preparing the Floor

Step 2

Setting Levels

Step 3

Expansion Joints

Step 4

Priming the Pump

Step 5

Slump Tests

Step 6

Prism Samples

Step 7


Step 8

Curing the Cemfloor

Step 9

Moisture Test

Step 10

Pull Test

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