Cemfloor Case Study – Randox Laboratories

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Fast-Track Solution
Client: Randox Laboratories
Main Contractor: Corramore Construction
Screed Installed By: O’Neill Concrete Flooring Ltd
Screed Supplied By: Robinson Concrete

Cemfloor C30F6 was chosen for this project due to the fast-tracked construction of a new laboratory to provide urgently needed Covid-19 test kits.


As part of their on-going commitment to produce much needed Covid-19 test kits; Randox Laboratories Ltd invested in a new facility at its existing headquarters in Crumlin, Co Antrim.
The specialised laboratory, the development of which was fast-tracked over the space of four weeks, is the first step in a wider diagnostics investment programme from the company.

Given the tight construction programme; Cemfloor were contacted and asked to propose a solution for the project.

Cemfloor CT C30F6 was specified and over a period of just 2 – days; 3800m2 was installed by O’Neill Concrete Flooring Ltd with the screed being supplied by Robinson Concrete Ltd.
Due to the high early strength of Cemfloor C30; the screed was loaded with access lifts 3 – days after installation which ensured that the build programme was able to continue with minimal disruption. A liquid surface DPM was used to allow the vinyl flooring be installed onto the screed only 7 – days after installation.

Due to the incredible amount of effort by all parties involved; the entire project finished ahead of schedule with no issues.

cemfloor-case-study-randox-laboratories-final.pdf (2 downloads)
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