The UK Screed Market And Its Development

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In the beginning, it seems, there was traditional screed; sand and cement mixed at various ratios (3:1, 4:1, 5:1, etc). Everybody knew what t was, we accepted its limitations and we programmed in order to accommodate its use. This usually meant, because the process of installing traditional screeds is quite slow, scheduling small areas of site at a time so that not too much of the building was ever unavailable for other trades.

Traditional screeds worked and to this day are still the prevalent type of screed in use in the UK. About 30 years ago there was a change introduced in the form of flowing anhydrite (gypsum) based screeds. This type of screed was already starting to enjoy rapidly growing sales in other countries and it was expected that the same would happen here. Growth did happen but it was steady rather than dramatic.

So why didn’t anhydrite screeds achieve the same sales levels in the UK as in other countries?

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